MODx Snippets

Snippets are small pieces (snippets) of PHP code that can be used to create menu systems, blog archives, comment systems, image galleries, and anything else you can imagine.

MODx Pluggins

A plugin is a bit of code that executes on system events, e.g. a manager logs in or when a page is saved. Most code which extends the functionality of the manager (rich text editors, for example) will come in the form of a plugin.

MODx Component

Also called "Third-party Component", or 3PC, a Component usually provides extra functionality to MODx, usually in the form of an Add-on, Core Extension, or Template.

MODx Templates

Also called "Third-party Component", or 3PC, a Component usually provides extra functionality to MODx, usually in the form of an Add-on, Core Extension, or Template.

MODx Truss – Template framework for MODx

Simply put it is a quick start template framework for rapid web development for MODx Framework based websites. Its highly modularized template helps in creating website with any kind of design you like. It is loaded with 960gs, collapsible module positions, jQuery, colors and font configuration and much more. MDx Truss is simple easy yet a powerful template framework for MODx Framework. Download MODxTruss

Fast, Flexible and highly extensible MODx Template framework

If you need to create fast, highly scalable, extensible, and maintainable website for your customers or yourself, Trussframework helps you do that not in weeks or days just in few hours. Check out the videos in our tutorial section here.

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Design is based on the inspiration of past accomplishments. On that foundation, we can build upon those achievements to shape the future. Design is about life — past, present and future — and the learning process that happens between birth and death. It is about community and shared knowledge and experience. It is the passion to build on what we've learned to create something better.

MODx Template Framework for MODx Revolution

MODx is an Open Source Content Management System and PHP Application Framework for publishing content on World Wide Web and intranets. MODX excels at Web Content Management (WCM) and Content Management Framework (CMF) duties.
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